I Will Not Be Quiet About It

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Brendal Bass Davis uses short stories from her life experiences to encourage her readers to build and maintain a relationship with God through spirit-to-Spirit conversations and record those conversations in a journal.
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I am Brendal Bass Davis, Inspired to Inspire. Begin your journey of building and maintaining a relationship with God here at Spirit Of Excellence Ministry Inc.

Brendal, known as an “Inspiralist,” passionately inspires individuals to discover their true purpose and live a life of abundance and success with excellence. Her core message revolves around achieving success with excellence and embracing an abundant life, which is trademarked with the United States Patent and Trademark Office.


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I Will Not Be Quiet About It

Feeling unheard in your prayers? Yearning for a deeper connection with God but unsure how to begin? Brendal Bass Davis’s I Will Not Be Quiet About It is your roadmap to a powerful prayer life. In this warm and accessible guide, Brendal, a minister brimming with encouragement, shares her experience of constant conversation with the Divine. She dismantles the myth of complex prayers, showing how a simple word or phrase can open the door to peace, joy, and a strengthened faith. I Will Not Be Quiet About It equips you with practical steps to cultivate a lasting relationship with God. You’ll discover how to transform scripture reading into meaningful reflection, craft heartfelt prayers, quiet your mind to hear God’s voice, and journal your experiences, creating a treasured record of your spiritual journey. Whether you seek to conquer fear, establish a daily prayer practice, or simply feel closer to God, I Will Not Be Quiet About It offers an inspiring and practical path forward.

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Journey with real people who have experienced the transformative power of prayer through Brendal Bass Davis’ teachings. Read their heartfelt stories about overcoming fear, finding peace, and igniting their faith. These testimonials will inspire you to head on your own prayer journey and discover the life-changing power of a deep connection with God.

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