Teachers Appreciation

Appreciate. Motivate. Support

Students and teacher smiling in classroom.
Since 1992 the ministry has sponsored an annual Teachers Appreciation Event. What are teachers saying about these events: “Thank you for showing your appreciation for teachers”; Thank you for reminding me of my ‘because’”; “we love the fellowship and gifts”; “thanks for all you do to make us feel special”. Partner with us in our ongoing support and appreciation for teachers. Make a tax deductible donation today.
Why express gratitude to Teachers?
  • For the purpose of saying thank you in a tangible way to teachers who are devoting their lives to enabling the future by educating our children
  • Because teaching is the most important profession there is and teachers are being underpaid and underappreciated
  • Because teachers need to be inspired to excel in an environment that has become increasingly challenging
  • Because society needs teachers and they need and deserve to be appreciated for what they do!
Want information about our next Teachers Appreciation function or information about how you can support this Teachers Appreciation Initiative?  Contact us at [email protected].  Donations are accepted but there are other ways to support this initiative.  Find out how.

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